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Activity report(2021)

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12/6 Sphere Project Seminar
11/21 Symposium in 75th Annual Congress of Japan Surgical Association
11/16 The 2nd Disaster Culture Symposium in Kesennuma
11/8 General Disaster Practice of Tohoku University Hospital
11/3 20th Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium in Washington DC
10/29 9th APRU Research symposium on multi-hazards around the pacific rim
10/24 2nd NRDCM workshop and working group meeting.
10/20 The 4th coordination meeting of disaster medical and public health manuals.
10/10,17 Global human security course7 in leading postgraduate school
10/12-13 Disaster Medicine provided the evacuation center role playing game (HUG) in Tohoku University Katahira Festival
10/1 Lecture on disaster medical management in PCQACL
7/20 Seminar in World Bank, Washington DC.
7/10 Lecture in Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering.
6/26 World Bank – Japan Collaboration Project
Policy Dialogue with Disaster Managers and Experts from Five Countries from Asia and Africa at Tohoku University
6/5-8 Collaboration for establishment of Human Security Course in Philippines
5/26 Second coordination Meeting of Disaster Medical and Public Health management manual.
3/31 The first coordination committee for Disaster Medical and Public Health Management Manual
3/20-3/21 Workshop for Disaster Medical and Public Health Coordinators
2/13-15 Lecture on Tomodachi Operation in Great East Japan Earthquake
2/13-15 Texas A&M University and Disaster City
1/19 18th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association for Disaster Medicine and Committee for Disaster Public Health Manuals.
1/05 TV conference with Texas A&M University
Activity report(2012)

Division of International Cooperation for Disaster Medicine
International Research Institute of Disaster Science

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