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Award (2016/9/5)

2016 Top 10 Per Cent Award from Publons

This was awarded by Pulons ( with 190,000+ researchers, 1,000,000+ reviews and 25,000+ journals to appreciate the contributors.

The Publons review merits are calculated according to the following rules:
+1 merit for adding a review to Publons
+2 merit for having a review verified
+2 merit for making the content of a review publicly available
+1 merit for scoring the quality and significance of a manuscript (you may score any papers you review or edit as well an additional 100 per calendar year)
+1 merit for each endorsement your review receives on Publons

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Prof. Egawa was ranked 457 within the 829 top 10 per cent reviewers in the field of Medicine.
Reviewing is a confidential process, and it is not open who reviewed which article.
Thus, reviewers have not been accredited by their reviewing efforts.
Publons created the database for reviewers to accredited their efforts by automated and accountable system.
It is a great horror for us to get this precious award.

Division of International Cooperation for Disaster Medicine
International Research Institute of Disaster Science

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