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Media Exposure(2016)

2/25 Feb. 25, 2016: "Survey of Preventable Disaster Death at Medical
Institutions in Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake” was publicized in Asahi Newspaper, JAPAN.
2/21 Feb. 21, 2016: "Surveillance of the support receiving capacities in the hospitals in the expected area of South Trough Earthquake" was publicized in many local newspapers throughout Japan.

Media Exposure(2015)

12/19 2015/12/19 Interview of Prof. Shinichi Egawa was published on Yomiuri Shinbun (Japanese) about the role of NPO Gonryo in the history of Tohoku University Hospital.
3/26 Disaster Medical and Public Health Coordinator is rapidly increasing in Japan.
Ehime Shimbun-sha-1 (3/17)
Ehime Shimbun-sha-2 (3/17)
Iwate daily report (3/17)
3/19 PLOS BLOG: A healthy society is a disaster resilient society

Division of International Cooperation for Disaster Medicine
International Research Institute of Disaster Science

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